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Endless Power Supply Solution Provided by EvoTec Power
Publish Time: 2023-01-14   Views: 166

EvoTec Power is a high-quality alternator manufacturer from China. Their alternator product line is complete and meets industrial standards for large industrial power supplies, marine power supplies, power stations, fossil energy extraction, and other applications. Their self excitation alternator has an advanced excitation system that provides a stable, power-compliant power output. Take a look at the details.

Highly efficient brushless excitation system: EvoTec Power’s innovative production

In the high quality self-excitation alternator from EvoTec Power, the system uses a permanent magnet alternator for the auxiliary exciter. The alternating current from the auxiliary exciter is rectified by a silicon-controlled rectifier and fed to the excitation winding of the main exciter. EvoTec Power's main exciter is a rotating armature three-phase synchronous alternator, i.e., its armature winding is rotating, and the generated electricity is fed to the rotor winding of the main alternator for excitation of the alternator.

Two rectifiers, the external one is a controllable rectifier connected to the excitation regulator, which is used to control the alternator excitation. The internal one is an uncontrolled rectifier rotating coaxially with the main shaft. The brushless excitation of the alternator without auxiliary excitation is powered by the terminal voltage of the main alternator or the plant power. This excitation method can be further divided into end voltage excitation, fundamental harmonic mixed excitation, harmonic excitation, phase compound excitation, etc., of which EvoTec Power uses self-excitation as a more efficient excitation method.

Some advantages of using EvoTec Power’s alternator products


AC alternators are durable because, unlike most, they do not have brushes. Brushes wear out easily and require frequent maintenance. Since alternators don't have this problem, they usually have a long life and are favored by those looking for a long-term wear solution.

Low power is required to start.

Burnout can occur in the early stages of Alternator startup and is caused by overwork.

Since the power required to start is low, the alternator can distribute power more evenly and maintain a consistent power level throughout its operation. It also reduces the chance of burnout.

Control acceleration

The controlled acceleration within the Alternator allows for stable and controlled motion, which is key for many demanding applications worldwide.

It also reduces wear and tear because the speed does not increase and decrease suddenly, and therefore is less stressful on the parts. Controlled operating speeds are especially important for applications like power plants, where power output must remain stable and constant to ensure proper operation of the industry.

In summary

As a professional alternator manufacturer, EvoTec Power offers standard alternator options. EvoTec Power's professional, customer-focused team can provide fully customized solutions for industrial users to ensure that alternator products meet the exact needs of industrial applications. EvoTec Power offers a range of product customization options, and highly qualified engineers will go to great lengths to meet customer needs. These needs include adaptation to specific application scenarios, water and dust resistance levels, voltage ranges, and more to meet the specific requirements of the industry using the application.

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