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Strengthened Synchronous Alternator Offered by EvoTec Power
Publish Time: 2023-01-14   Views: 231

The type of alternator depends heavily on how they are designed, used and other factors. But what is a synchronous alternator? A synchronous alternator is a generator that uses mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy. An alternator starts converting energy after generating enough mechanical energy with a magnetic field and a rotor. EvoTec Power is a professional alternator manufacturer, and they use innovative techniques to produce alternator products. Please take a look at the details of their products.

How do alternators work?

An alternator is usually located near a mechanical power source. It is usually driven by a crankshaft, which turns the up-and-down motion of the power piston into a circular motion, thereby generating alternating current through electromagnetic forces. The electrical energy is transferred to the electrical system for use in the machinery.

Components of an alternator

Regardless of the type of alternator, it generally has three parts: stator, rotor, and diode, plus a voltage regulator.

Rotor and Stator

The rotor and alternator stator are belt-driven magnets that create a magnetic field within the copper wire. A pulley attached to the motor rotates the rotor at high speed, thus creating a magnetic field that acts as a belt. The stator then produces electricity and voltage that flows to the diode mounting. The electricity generated is called alternating current or AC.

Voltage regulator

To make the overall current supply stable and controllable, voltage regulators control the power supply from the alternator to the output. Voltage regulators are designed and work according to their specifications and have different functions. In general, the voltage regulator is the protection of the alternator to be able to operate stably, and output formulated power supply.

Function of Alternators

Alternators are important to any application scenario's alternating current power system. The main function of an alternator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is used to charge batteries, provide a stable power supply to production machinery, provide power to other appliances used in production, etc. Generally, it is an integral part of a stable power supply solution. It is the source of a stable power supply.

Conversion from mechanical energy to electrical energy: leave it to the excellent EvoTec Power alternator

The crankshaft of a mechanical power plant transmits the mechanical energy generated by reactions such as combustion to the serpentine belt connected to the alternator. As the pulley on the alternator rotates, a magnet and a coil convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy and generate electricity. For more information about their high-performance alternator, please visit the official website of EvoTec Power.

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