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EvoTec has its own advanced generator design technology - 8 national utility model patents and 3 appearance patents, including three-phase synchronous generator rotary laminated stator structure patent, soft end hoop fixed structure patent at both ends of the stator coil, three-phase synchronous generator rotor coil inter-turn insulation structure patent and etc.

EvoTec product features and performance description

Product Features

1. The generator design of compact in size and shorter in length effectively increases the moment of inertia of the rotor, avoids resonance with the prime mover, and ensures the operating reliability of the generator.
2. The high-efficiency winding design enables the generator to have a lower temperature on the generator surface and higher energy efficiency.
3. The built-in AC exciter structure makes the generator with smaller vibration and lower loss, which improves the operational reliability and response speed of the exciter.
4. 2/3 pitch windings, equipped with professional damping structure optimization design, effectively suppress the waveform distortion of current and output line voltage, while improving the stability of operation, and has superior parallel operation performance.
5. The advanced and mature automatic voltage regulator control system effectively guarantees the static accuracy and good dynamic performance of the generator.
6. The high-speed dynamic balance concept of European high-end products is adopted to improve the balance accuracy of the rotor and effectively ensure the higher reliability of the rotor operation.

Electrical Performance

1. Excitation system
EvoTec has 3 national patents on its professional ETC series automatic voltage regulator. Standard EvoTec alternators are assembled with AVR ETC-1 which has the built-in frequency compensation (low frequency protection), solid-state excitation, EMI filtering (electromagnetic interference filter), stability adjustment function and also has the multiple voltage options and fuse protection functions. It has good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability.
The output power of the exciter rotor is output to the main rotor through a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier, and the surge suppressor on the rectifier protects the rectifier from the impact caused by short circuit or parallel out-of-step.
AVR ETC-2 has parallel operation function and over excitation protection function. AVR ETC-3 is suitable for independent power supply excitation system using PMG, and has excellent parallel operation stability.
2. Insulation system
The mature vacuum pressure impregnation technology and the advanced coating technology used while winding the rotor can greatly improve the strength and stability of the stator and rotor winding. The selection of the international brand of insulation paint and insulation materials and first-class domestic brand of electromagnetic wire ensure the high reliability of insulation performance and superior electrical performance of the generator.
The treatment of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and salt spray proof on winding surfaces can protect the generator against marine and industrial anti-corrosion harsh environment.
3. EvoTec generators are of 2/3 pitch winding with iron core chute structure, which can effectively suppress the third harmonic of voltage (3rd, 9th, 15th, 21st, 27th...); it is the best design for fault-free power supply of nonlinear loads  In parallel operation or in parallel with the power grid, the 2 / 3 pitch structure can effectively suppress the excessive neutral line current generated by the large pitch winding.
4. Voltage accuracy - Under any power factor and speed change within ±4%, the steady-state voltage adjustment rate is ±0.5%.
5. Remote voltage adjustment - With remote voltage adjustment function, it is convenient for user to remotely adjust voltage.
6. Telephone interference - THF<2% meets the requirements specified in EN 60034-1, and TIF<50D meets the requirements specified in NEMA MG1-32.
7. Radio interference - The electromagnetic compatibility fully meets European safety requirements and the requirements of EN 60034-1.
8. Outlet mode - 12 terminal blocks are installed on the terminal block on the non-drive end, and there is enough wiring space in the terminal box with high-quality steel plate structure. The detachable side panel of the terminal box is convenient for users to operate.

Mechanical Properties

1. The frame of the generator stator is welded with steel plate to improve the structural strength and reduce the weight of the whole machine. The shaft is made of high-quality steel to ensure its rotation strength. The end shield is cast with higher strength cast iron which effectively relieves the damage from the vibration of the generator during operation.
2. TCU series generators have two structures - single bearing and double bearing. The generator with single bearing is connected to the prime mover with a flange and a flexible coupling disc on the drive end and a medium-high strength cast iron end shield is assembled on the non-drive end. The front and rear ends of the generator with double bearing are connected by medium-high strength cast iron end shield. 
3. The rotor adopts the high-speed dynamic balance technology to improve the balancing accuracy of the rotor and the stability of the rotor. The rotor of the generator with double bearing has a half-key dynamic balance adjustment.

Quality Assurance

EvoTec generators are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system and EvoTec has obtained CE certification for industrial generators and CCS certification for marine generators.

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