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Our self-designed alternator has the characteristics of short structure design, shorter than other brands of similar alternator more than 100 mm, can save more space, so that our products can be applied in a wider range. With the first-class raw material supplier greatly improves the quality of our products, improves the stability, prolongs the service life and improves the reliability. The maximum output of our High Voltage Alternator has reached 4125kVA, and our products show excellent performance in brushless excitation generator, three-phase synchronous generator and so on.
EvoTec land-use series of three-phase synchronous generators, the power covers 6.8~6000KW, has independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, compact and stubby size design, good ven...
Industrial Generator
The three-phase synchronous high voltage power generator series products of EvoTec are based on the introduction and absorption of German generator technology, combined with years of high voltage gen...
High Voltage Power Generator
EvoTec has professional R&D capabilities in making generators for boat. Its seven marine generators can meet the power needs of ships of different specifications.The professional alternator used has l...
Marine Generator
EvoTec is a China generator manufacturer which has a provincial-level R&D center and a first-class technical R&D team, which can provide customers with personalized product customization services. Cus...
Special Customized Generator
Our AVR has three national patents, which can be perfectly used with brushless excitation generator.
Digital AVR
EvoTec has its own advanced generator design technology - 8 national utility model patents and 3 appearance patents
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