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Internationally Renowned Alternator Produced by EvoTec Power
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The brushless DC alternator consists of an alternator body and driver, a typical mechatronic product. Since the brushless DC alternator operates in a self-controlled manner, it does not oscillate and loses steps during sudden changes in power supply load. EvoTec Power is a specialized manufacturer of alternators. They have been producing high-performance, stable working alternators for many years. Their brushless DC alternators are internationally renowned. Please take a look at why you should choose their high-performance brushless alternator.

Traditional Brushed Alternator: disadvantages caused by the existence of brush

A brushed alternator uses mechanical commutation, where the magnetic pole does not move, and the coil rotates. The coil and commutator rotate when the alternator works, but the magnets and brushes do not. The alternating direction of the coil current is accomplished by the commutator and brushes that rotate with the alternator. As the alternator rotates, different coils or different poles of the same coil are energized at different times so that the N-S pole of the coil generating magnetic field has a suitable angle difference from the N-S pole of the closest permanent magnet stator. The magnetic field opposites attract, and opposites repel, generating forces that push the alternator to rotate.

Sliding against each other will cause wear and tear on the carbon brushes, so they must be replaced periodically, leading to carbon build-up and increased maintenance costs. Alternating between carbon brushes and coil terminals, electrical sparks will occur, resulting in electromagnetic breakage and interference with electronic equipment. This creates inconvenience to the environmental adaptability of the alternator.

EvoTec Power's high-quality brushless alternator eliminates the disadvantages of the brushed alternator.

Without the brushes, the brushless alternator runs with much less friction, running smoothly and with much less noise. The low noise feature is a great support for the stability of operation. Moreover, with fewer natural defects of brushes, the wear and tear of the brushless alternator are mainly on the bearings.

From the mechanical point of view, the brushless alternator is almost a maintenance-free alternative now; only some dust removal maintenance is needed when necessary.


EvoTec Power's brushless alternator products have both good speed regulation performance and the advantages of no sliding contact and commutation, high reliability, long service life, and low noise, thus having outstanding advantages in high-load industries, power stations, oil extraction, and other industries.

For more information about their high-performance brushless stably-working alternator, please visit the official website of EvoTec Power.

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