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EvoTec keeps pace with the world

E. Vision: Virtue in the world, science and technology to create the future; quality and wisdom, to achieve customers.
E. Mission: To provide global users with safe, environmentally friendly and first-class quality generator products.
E. Core values: Create the greatest value for customers, create greater prosperity for the society, create better benefits for the company, and create a bright future for employees.

Development Strategy:
1. Technology keeps pace with the world - based on cutting-edge technology research, continuous R&D and innovation, and maintain technology leadership
2. Quality keeps pace with the world - focus on R&D and manufacturing of world-class high-quality generators, lean management, ingenious manufacturing
3. The brand is in sync with the world - based on creating a global and international brand, striving for the best domestic and world-class brand
4. Synchronization of services and customer needs - committed to providing products and services beyond value to meet the different needs of customers around the world

EvoTec's 5S business rules:
1. Sincerity: We are a company that insists on honesty, frankness, transparency and fairness. Our corporate culture advocates a vigorous team spirit and promotes mutual tolerance and mutual respect.
2. Speed: We emphasize the speed to achieve goals and the agility to adapt to changes. We will maintain a positive attitude and respond quickly to customer needs.
3. Strategy: Technological innovation and cost leadership are the source of our core competitiveness.
4. Simplicity: We strive to simplify and be efficient to improve our response speed and adaptability and continuously reduce costs.
5. Smile: We are optimistic and confident, with excellent quality and service, we meet and exceed customer needs and satisfy customers.

Corporate values: integrity, collaboration, innovation, forge ahead
Corporate Brand Positioning: First in China, First in the World

No.9, Su He Road,
Lujiang Economic Development Zone,
Hefei City, Anhui Province