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      EvoTec was established in May 2011, specializing in the development and manufacturing of industrial/marine three-phase synchronous Low, Medium and High Voltage alternators and permanent magnet alternators. EvoTec is located in Lujiang High-Tech Development Zone in Hefei City, Anhui Province in China. The land bank covers a vast area of about 90,000m². More than 30,000m² of modern production plants and office facilities have been built. The annual production capacity is 30,000 alternators of various sizes.

      EvoTec alternators satisfy the requirements of the standard IEC 60034-1. EvoTec has the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CE and China Classification Society (CCS). EvoTec alternators have the rated power from 6.8 to 6,000kW, voltage from 110 to 15000V, frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, and IP class from IP21 to IP57, which could meet the various power requirements of customers around the world.

      EvoTec is committed to independent R&D and technological innovation, has independent intellectual property rights and independent brands (EvoTec and BESTAGEN), and its products have obtained 59 national authorized patents (14 invention patents). In 2015, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise in China. In 2019, as a member of the National Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association in China, EvoTec participated to draft the national standard GB/T12786 - General Technical Requirements for Automated Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant. In 2021, EvoTec was rated as a National Technological SME in China. In 2022, EvoTec was rated as a National Specialized and Innovative 'Little Giant' Enterprise. 

      EvoTec is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly generators to customers around the world, and becoming a trustworthy partner for more and more customers!


Quality Concept - product is the image of the company and quality is the life of the company

1. Quality policy: scientific management, technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction

2. Quality target: The qualified rate of products is 100%, and the satisfaction rate of products and services is ≧97%.


No.9, Su He Road,
Lujiang Economic Development Zone,
Hefei City, Anhui Province