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Ideal Choice for Industrial Power Supply: EvoTec Power Alternator
Publish Time: 2023-01-14   Views: 25

Alternators are ideal for power generation in different applications, such as boats, yachts, trains, power plants, oil extraction, etc. Alternators play a vital role in the power supply system of a ship. EvoTec Power is an alternator manufacturer with a priority in terms of technical heritage and production methods. They are from China, have been deeply involved in the alternator industry for many years, and have a lot of manufacturing experience. Their products can provide a stable and continuous power supply for users in high-standard industrial applications such as power plants. What is more worth mentioning is that their brushless alternator is durable and long-lasting.

What’s the difference between a traditional alternator and a brushless alternator?

Disadvantages of brushed alternator: severe wear and tear, high maintenance costs

Early alternators consist of a brush, which is called a carbon brush, because it is made of graphite. The brushes are called carbon brushes because it is made of graphite. Alternator, the coil is on the rotor, and the permanent magnet is on the stator. The Alternator needs a commutator to rotate stably and continuously. The commutator and brushes are combined to make the rotor coil commutate the current at a certain frequency, thus achieving continuous rotor rotation.

Then the question arises. To have contact between them, which conducts electricity, and rotation, which achieves the current phase change, it is a common practice to add a spring to the carbon brush.

This way, there is frequent friction between the commutator and the carbon brushes. So, the carbon brushes are easily worn out and must be replaced frequently. And the worn-out carbon slag residue forms carbon inside the alternator, which needs to be cleaned frequently.

Advantages of brushless alternator produced by EvoTec Power

To solve this problem, EvoTec Power's brushless alternator shines. A Brushless alternator, in simple terms, uses a permanent magnet as the rotor, while the stator becomes an energized coil. By changing the direction of the current in the stator according to a certain frequency, the alternator can be rotated continuously. In this way, it is no longer necessary to have physical contact with the carbon brushes, but rather the stator coil is phase-changed using a specific circuit.

Since EvoTec Power's brushless DC alternators operate in a self-controlled manner, they do not oscillate or lose a step during sudden load changes. This will greatly improve the power supply’s continuity, consistency, and stability.

For more information about their high-performance industrial stably-working alternator, please visit the official website of EvoTec Power.

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