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What is the Marine Diesel Generator and Where to Buy One?
Publish Time: 2021-10-12   Views: 810

According to the report distributed by the IMARC Group, the worldwide market for three-phase alternators touched 17.2 billion dollars by 2020. As far as applications are concerned, three-phase alternators are used mainly in data centers and telecommunication sectors and industrial applications in mining, real estate, military, shipbuilding, energy, railway, etc. 


Meanwhile, three-phase alternators have many distinct types, including industrial diesel generatorshigh voltage alternators, marine diesel alternators, etc. So, in this article, we will talk about what a marine diesel generator is, its applications, and where we can find high-quality generators. So, let's kick off our discussion.


What is the Marine Diesel Generator? 

A marine diesel generator is not much different from any other generator, except it is suitable onboard a ship. It is a diesel-powered generator that produces energy, which is then converted into electrical energy. Moreover, marine diesel generators can provide highly efficient performance in various settings, including harsh and moist. In contrast, some normal generators have far less efficient performance in a moist environment, making them prone to malfunctions and failures. 


What are the Applications of Marine Diesel Alternators?

Marine diesel generators are ideal for maritime transportation and tourism to generate power for cargo ships, boats, cruises, ferries, commercial vessels, and appliances ranging from kitchen-electronic equipment to electric propulsion systems. Electrical systems and power generation in the marine industry require reliable, robust, and safe resources that can operate properly even under harsh working conditions, which are why marine diesel generators are a suitable choice for use onboard a marine vessel.


Where to Buy Marine Diesel Generators?

There are many marine diesel generator suppliers available on the lookout. Nevertheless, EvoTec has been a distinguished marine diesel generator manufacturer for over a decade and is the best choice for you. We at EvoTec provide high-efficiency products with the best value for your money. Thus, let's talk about how many merits provided you can get from our marine diesel generators.


Superior Features

The superior features of a marine diesel generator from EvoTec include a higher motor starting capability, a reliable long service life, outstanding performance, etc. Our marine diesel generators provide the user with easy maintenance with integrated components and an outboard rotating rectifier.


Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for standard marine diesel generators include a superior speed with a frequency of 50 Hz. Besides, an ideal marine diesel generator should have considerable power and voltage ranges. Alongside that, the degree of protection being IP21-IP57. The good news is that marine diesel generators from EvoTec will meet all these requirements.


Suitable for Various Environments

A marine diesel generator from EvoTec is suitable for various environments, including moist and harsh, which a regular diesel generator can't survive. It is the case since the product from us incorporates supplementary marine varnish to make sure mold-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-fogging.


Best User Experience

Simultaneously, marine diesel generators from EvoTec provide the best user experience. It is because our products are designed in compact, cost-effective, sound-proof, and prominent appearance with high identification in parallel with various patents on appearance.



Without question, EvoTec is a trustworthy alternator supplier and a self-owned brand with forty-five national patents and advanced design, production, and testing facilities. We have been a part of the business for over a decade and offer highly-researched, developed, unique, and customizable products, along with distinctive features such as compact design, excellent performance, extended service life, and withstanding extreme environments. If you are enthusiastic about our products, you can contact our technical support for pre-sales and after-sales services. Thus, feel free to get in touch with us for any queries, and we are quite pleased to help you. 


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