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What is a High Voltage Alternator and How to Choose One?
Publish Time: 2021-08-05   Views: 1523

A high voltage alternator converts mechanical energy to AC electrical energy, working on the principles of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Sound familiar? That is what a generator does too, but generators nowadays can provide both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) output. However, alternators are also considered more efficient, and due to the similarities, both terms have been considered interchangeable.

Meanwhile, the market has observed a steady rise in demand for alternators as more and more sectors use AC. A report titled "Alternators Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026" was published by the IMARC group. According to the report, the global market for alternators has crossed US$ 17.2 billion as of 2020.

Features of High Voltage Generators

The high voltage alternator, or high voltage generator, developed by EvoTec carries several notable features that set it apart from standard generators. For example, the three-phase synchronous high-voltage generators are standard with PMG to suit all kinds of load starting. There are no extra problems with motor load, inverter load, charger, and other loads. But, besides that, it also considers the demands of the most recent improvements in the worldwide sector. Below this article will discuss some other handful characteristics:

· The rear end cover of the generator itself is insulated, which can prevent the generation of shaft current and improve the service life of the bearing.

· The generator is equipped  with parallel function.

· The wiring of the high-voltage machine can only be operated by professional personnel with a high-voltage electrician certificate. Anti creepage measures must be taken for high-voltage wiring.

· The high voltage generator comes with recognizable proof (noticeable appearance) and a shorter dimension height and width, adding to its compact design.

· The generator's design is also much better for heat dissipation and ventilation, making it more efficient and less prone to breakdown or malfunction.

Applications of High Voltage Generators

High voltage alternators have noticed the most utilization in data centers. They need lots of power to function that strong alternators can only manage. Nonetheless, that is not the only sector that can use high voltage alternators. Gas, petroleum, breeding, mining, power station, petrochemical, and real estate are the notable industries that use high voltage alternators. 

How to Choose High Voltage Generators?

All alternator and generator manufacturer companies have their specifications, which makes them stand out against another. However, very few companies manage to provide products that put them all others on edge, one such name being EvoTec. Along these lines, several contributing factors should be kept in mind when considering buying a high voltage alternator:

Power ranges: Power is a factor that is important to consider since it is one for which you are purchasing an alternator. If the power range is too low, it will be inefficient to buy such a generator. EvoTec provides multiple power ranges, like 500/1500kVA, 1625/2750kVA, and 2750/4125kVA.

Voltage ranges: The next thing to look into is voltage ranges. How much of a voltage output can the generator provide you? Is it sufficient for your needs? Accordingly, EvoTec high voltage generators offer a voltage range of 3300/13800V.

Motor types: You might want to look into what fuel-powered motor you would prefer. Different models incorporate different motors that make use of either gasoline or diesel. But here, let us bring it to your notice that diesel generators are more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance than their gasoline counterparts. While EvoTec can provide you capable and cost-effective alternators.

Alternator set: These alternators, or generators, come in two different variations; single-phase generator and three-phase generator. Both have the generally same basic build. Still, the three-phase generators hold a few advantages over a single-phase generator. These may include increased voltage value, reduced cost, and compacted design for the same power output.

Quality: The alternators manufactured by EvoTec carry several attributes within them. Those include ventilation, heat dissipation, high output, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and reliability. Not only that, but our TH series high voltage generators are delivered rigorously as per IEC 60034-1, GB 755, VDE 05030, GB/T 15548, and different standards. 

Why EvoTec?

We hope this passage assisted you in understanding the importance of a high voltage alternator and the features it can offer you. Considering that, EvoTec has been a self-owned brand with forty-five national patents. We have been in the field for the past decade, developing best-in-class, no-copy electronics and having the capabilities of manufacturing high voltage alternators to suit the needs of several customers worldwide. We offer highly researched & developed, certified, customized, and differentiated products of various sizes. Equally, we provide our customers with technical assistance for pre-sales and after-sales services. If you look forward to making an order, you can go to our website and contact us if you have any further queries. 

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