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The Truth about Industrial Diesel Generator: Everything You Must Know
Publish Time: 2021-09-11   Views: 1076

Industrial diesel generators convert the chemical energy of the fuel, such as diesel, into mechanical energy via combustion. This mechanical energy is then used to rotate a crank to produce electricity. It has been estimated that diesel generators' overall market size in 2020 was roughly $21 billion and is expected to grow to around $37 billion in 2027. The rapid industrialization of the developing world and the need for electricity in places with no formal electrical infrastructure contribute to this increasing demand.


Thus, in this article, we will be your guide to figure out the industrial diesel generator's features and applications. And then, we will provide you some tips to choose a capable one. 

Features of the Diesel Engine

An industrial diesel generator is a versatile machine having numerous distinctive features that set them apart from generators of other fuels. The followings are the most distinctive ones.


1. More Power Generation

Diesel engine generators generate more power compared to engines of other fuels. As the energy value of diesel is higher than natural gas, you can generate more power in a diesel generator of the same size compared to the natural gas engine or any other fuel.


2. Low Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of diesel engines is way less than other engines. The diesel engines do not have spark plugs in their construction, so their design becomes simpler. Almost all the maintenance cost comes in the form of preventive maintenance, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. To mention that, the product from EvoTec successfully achieves high-quality designs, which ensure less maintenance. 


3. Industrial Safety

Safety is the most common concern in almost all industrial setups. It increases the need for safer generators, which can luckily be fulfilled using diesel generators. For instance, if we compare this generator with gasoline-powered generators, it is easy to see that gasoline engines need refueling periodically, exposing you to flammable fuel again and again. As the industrial diesel generator consumes less fuel, you do not have to expose yourself to the fuel frequently, increasing your safety.


4. Quieter Motors

Modern industrial diesel generators produce much less noise than previous versions or even their gasoline counterparts. Since the efficiency of diesel generators has been greatly improved, their motors require less power to function and thus helps you in reducing noise pollution.

5. Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, diesel generators efficiently convert fuel into mechanical energy and produce much less noise. Moreover, they can work in extreme weather, be it cold or hot. It saves you both fuel and financial capital by reducing operation costs.



Applications of an Industrial Diesel Generator

Industrial diesel generators can have a variety of applications. It can be used for backup supply for the industry if the main supply line is faulty. For example, diesel generators are widely used in healthcare centers, the commercial industry, oil & gas industry, data centers, manufacturing industry, mining, etc.


How to Choose an Industrial Diesel Generator?

All generator manufacturers have their own merits that make them stand out in the market. Here we would like to recommend a capable one, EvoTec, who is in the leading position in this field. Thus, before making a purchasing decision, you have to keep a few factors in mind to avoid some common mistakes. 


1. Different Power Ranges and Voltages

Industrial diesel generators come in various shapes and sizes. A generator manufacturer, such as EvoTec, knows that different industries require different amounts of power. Therefore, before going for a diesel generator, you must know the amount of power and voltage you need because these factors affect the size and, thereby, the price of the diesel generator.


2. Brands

If you are going to make a huge investment in an industrial diesel generator, it would be foolish not to have insurance. And a brand is the biggest insurance. We are a reputable firm with years of experience, a robust R&D infrastructure, and safety certificates. All this makes your investment not only safe but also protects you from operations catastrophes.


3. Using Experience

A diesel generator is a long-time investment. So before purchasing, make sure that the product is durable and does not wear and tear after a few months of operation. The generator must be stable, reliable, and have a long service life. Accordingly, EvoTec is constantly committed to providing a satisfactory user experience with the best and reliable products.


4. Other requirements

An industrial diesel generator must be capable of performing in harsh conditions. For example, if the working area is very humid and there is a risk of corrosion, it must have an anti-corrosion coating over its body not to rust quickly. Another example can be a warm environment where there is a lot of heat generation. To prevent the diesel generator from overheating itself, it must have ventilation and power dissipation mechanisms installed within it. While EvoTec can provide you capable and cost-effective alternators with tremendous functions mentioned above. 

The Final Word 

We hope that this detailed passage will assist you in understanding the vital importance of the industrial diesel generator. Being the leading alternator manufacturer in the market, Evotec is setting new standards in the industry. Our three-phase alternators are highly efficient in fuel consumption and give our users the best value of money. These generators do not contribute to noise pollution at all, not to mention that their operation is safe with no chance of an accident. In addition, our products are being used globally and are trusted by users worldwide. We have our own patented technology developed by a hardworking R&D team, so we guarantee to provide no copy products. Moreover, we are equipped with all the internationally established certifications, which enable us to have the confidence to stand out in this field. 

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