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EvoTec Power has launched the first 3000KW and 10.5KV generator
Publish Time: 2019-03-08   Views: 556

EvoTec Power has launched the first 3000KW and 10.5KV generator in 2019. It has been successfully completed and passed various tests at the factory headquarter with excellent test results. It has smoothly delivered to the customer.

The high-voltage generator TH638F with 3000KW and 10.5KV has the capacity of 3750KVA  and the efficiency of 97%. It is a new generation of high-end generator developed and upgraded by EvoTec Power in recent years.


EvoTec Power has successfully registered 30 patents in China. The high-voltage generators  of EvoTec Power have the advantages of higher efficiency, better dynamic performance,  stronger impact resistance and non-linear load capacity.


The generator has reached the domestic leading level in terms of stability, reliability and various technical indicators. It can be widely used in data centers, mining and oil fields, island power stations and other places with high demand of electrical energy.

EvoTec Power insists on technological innovation and strives to achieve excellence in product structure design and production technology so as to provide better quality generators for global users. The successful delivery of the 3000KW and 10.5kV generator not only shows 

the advanced product development strength of EvoTec Power, but also strengthens the belief of originality, quality and brand.

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