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EvoTec of High-Voltage Generator Dedicated for Data Centers Completed Successfully
Publish Time: 2018-12-01   Views: 597

On the morning of November 20, 2018, EvoTec warmly held the introduction ceremony for the new generation of high-voltage generator dedicated for data centers. The four units of 1800KW high-voltage generators delivered to a large data center in Southwest China.

The following new materials and production process have been used on the new generation generators for better performance :-

· The new insulated back-end cover has been used to replace the traditional carbon brush structure, which can 

effectively eliminate the shaft current.

· The stator high-voltage coil adopts anti-corona design to minimize the generation of corona on the surface of 

the high voltage coil to extend the life-span of the coil insulation.

· The design of the integral vacuum with less rubber insulation system minimizes the dielectric loss and delays 

the aging of the high voltage insulation.


The advantages of the new generation of high-voltage generator are as follows :-

THD with no-load

< 2%


< 1%


< 50D


With good waveform quality, the new generation of high-voltage generator will become our competitive product.

       EvoTec has not forgotten its original intentions since it was founded. EvoTec insists on technological innovation and 

the optimization of the product structure design and production technology so as to provide better quality generator

 products for our customers from all over the world. The successful delivery of these new generation of high-voltage 

generators shown not only the advanced product development strength of EvoTec, but also the belief of Originality, 

Quality and Brand in EvoTec.

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