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New Products Shine, Electrifying the GPOWER Shanghai Power Exhibition
Publish Time: 2024-07-03   Views: 73

On June 27, 2024, the 23rd GPOWER Shanghai Power Exhibition concluded successfully at the New International Expo Centre. This event focused on the future of power energy, showcasing new products, technologies, and applications in the generation, transmission, and transformation of electricity, all aimed at promoting high-quality development of power equipment. EvoTec unveiled its latest EVO air-water cooled high-voltage generators among many other new products, showcasing the newest advancements to the attendees. The exhibition was filled with electrifying energy and received rave reviews.

The EVO air-water cooled high-voltage generator from EvoTec garnered significant attention due to its unique design and excellent performance. The air circulates only between the generator and the water cooler, completely isolated from the external environment to prevent solid dust and water ingress. It features low noise, high IP protection rating, and high reliability in harsh environments, making it suitable for ships and special applications with high dust and sand conditions.

EvoTec's new generation TH series high-voltage generator features an insulated rear end cover (patent pending) on the non-drive end and a grounded carbon brush structure on the drive end. This dual protection effectively eliminates shaft currents. The stator high-voltage coil is designed with anti-corona features to ensure insulation longevity. The generator boasts a no-load waveform distortion rate of less than 2%, a telephone harmonic factor of less than 1%, a telephone interference factor of less than 50D, and a single unit power output of up to 5000kW with a maximum efficiency of 97.2%. This new product is specially designed for gas turbines and screw machines (waste heat power generation).

EvoTec's new generation of high-voltage generators for data centers, featuring proprietary intellectual property and core technologies, significantly enhance nonlinear load capabilities. The innovative design supports a leading power factor of 0.9, ensuring stable operation. These generators are tailored specifically for data center applications.

EvoTec's high-efficiency generators for gas applications incorporate a proprietary high-efficiency winding design and low-loss, high-efficiency special materials, reducing generator heating and increasing power generation efficiency by 1-2% compared to similar products. With significant economic benefits, these generators also feature high-speed hot state dynamic balancing technology and an integrated stator and housing design, ensuring long-term stable operation in harsh environments. They are suitable for power generation projects using gas, biogas, and waste heat recovery in metallurgy and chemical industries.

Looking ahead, EvoTec remains committed to pursuing excellence, striving to provide higher quality and more valuable generator products and services to the global market. Through continuous technological innovation, quality improvement, and service optimization, we aim to collaborate with industry peers to usher in a new era of prosperity and development in the generator industry, injecting more power and vitality into society!

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