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Understanding Synchronous Alternators and Introducing EcoTec Power’s TCM228
Publish Time: 2024-06-04   Views: 171

Synchronous alternators play a pivotal role in power generation, offering precise synchronization with the grid frequency to produce electrical power. Let’s delve into what synchronous alternators are and introduce EcoTec Power’s TCM228 synchronous alternator, renowned for its efficiency and reliability.

Defining Synchronous Alternators


Synchronous alternators are electrical machines that generate alternating current (AC) by rotating a magnetic field within a stator coil. They operate in synchronization with the grid frequency, ensuring that the generated electrical output matches the frequency of the utility grid. This synchronization is achieved by controlling the rotational speed of the alternator, which is typically proportional to the grid frequency.


Introducing EcoTec Power’s TCM228 Synchronous Alternator


EcoTec Power’s TCM228 synchronous alternator is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in power generation applications. Here are the key specifications of the TCM228 synchronous alternator:


- Rated Power: 40 kW to 120 kW

- Rated Voltage: 400V/480V

- Speed: 1500 rpm/1800 rpm

- Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

- Pole: 4/6

- Insulation Grade: H

- Protection Grade: IP23

- Temperature Rise: 115K/45℃


Key Features and Benefits of the TCM228 Synchronous Alternator


1. Versatile Power Output:  

   - With a rated power range of 40 kW to 120 kW, the TCM228 synchronous alternator offers versatile power output options to meet various application requirements.


2. Precision Voltage Regulation:  

   - The TCM228 alternator maintains precise voltage regulation, ensuring stable and reliable power generation under varying load conditions.


3. Efficient and Reliable Operation:  

   - Engineered for efficiency and reliability, the TCM228 synchronous alternator delivers consistent performance, making it suitable for continuous operation in demanding environments.


4. Durable Construction:  

   - Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, the TCM228 synchronous alternator boasts a durable construction that withstands the rigors of long-term operation.


5. Compliance with Industry Standards:  

   - The TCM228 alternator meets industry standards for insulation grade, protection grade, and temperature rise, ensuring compliance with safety and performance regulations.


Trust in EcoTec Power’s Expertise


EcoTec Power’s TCM228 synchronous alternator is backed by decades of expertise and innovation in power generation technology. Designed to meet the highest standards of performance, efficiency, and reliability, the TCM228 alternator is the perfect choice for a wide range of power generation applications.




EcoTec Power’s TCM228 synchronous alternator combines precision engineering, efficient performance, and reliable operation to deliver unmatched power generation capabilities. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, the TCM228 alternator is the ideal choice for those seeking a dependable and efficient power solution. Trust EcoTec Power to provide the synchronous alternator solution you need to power your projects with confidence and reliability.

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