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5 Signs to Remind You to Buy New Electric Alternators
Publish Time: 2024-05-11   Views: 82

Electric alternators are crucial for power supply in industrial and marine applications. In the manufacturing industry, it can support the high-speed operation of machines on production lines, as well as provide stable electricity for electric tools in the mining and construction industries. While at sea, they power critical navigation, monitoring, and backup systems. 

However, as equipment ages and endures intensive usage over time, wear and tear can cause electric alternator malfunctions that negatively impact production output and efficiency. 

Understanding the factors influencing electric alternators’ lifespan and the visible damage signs helps minimize downtime and trouble!


Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Electric Alternators

The lifespan of an electric alternator is determined by its operating conditions and maintenance frequency. Some key influencing aspects include:


1. Mechanical Wear and Tear

Rotating components like bearings, gears, and pistons can wear and tear naturally with continuous cyclical motion over thousands of hours. 

This type of wear may lead to increased clearance, loosening of components, efficiency reduction, increased noise, and even component failure if unaddressed. Wear accumulates steadily over years of operation. Eventually, breakdowns can emerge.

2. Electrical Issues

Excessive electrical load or improper use can cause an overload of the electric alternator, which can create high thermal stresses on the winding and may lead to insulation material aging or damage over time.

Inconsistencies such as voltage and current fluctuations also compound aging effects. These electrical stresses take a gradual but noticeable toll on the electric alternator. Poor electrical connections and insulation additionally introduce intermittent faults if not corrected.

3. Adverse Environment

Harsh conditions such as moisture intrusion, airborne dust and chemicals, and high-temperature environments accelerate normal corrosion and reduce heat dissipation efficiency inside enclosures. 

Therefore, when operating in harsh environments, additional protective measures such as using protective covers, regular cleaning, and strengthening heat dissipation are crucial for extending the lifespan of electric alternators.

4. Improper Maintenance

Incorrect or insufficient maintenance is a common cause of early failures in electric alternators. 

Critical electric alternator components also experience premature wear from overlooked lubrication needs or uncorrected small issues that then transform into larger failures. Proper upkeep is essential for a longer lifespan.

5. Design and Manufacturing Defects

If there are defects in the design or manufacturing process of the electric alternator, such as the use of unqualified materials, unreasonable design, or inaccurate manufacturing process, these may shorten the expected life of the equipment. 

Choosing products from well-known brands and reliable manufacturers, as well as ensuring proper installation and use, can reduce the impact of these issues to some extent.


When Should I Buy New Electric Alternators?

It is wiser to custom alternators when problems surface rather than delay until a breakdown occurs. Some visible issues signaling replacement include:


Sign 1: Abnormal Sound and Vibration

Overextended usage and normal wear within moving parts, like bearings, will occur. If abnormal noises or excessive shaking beyond factory specifications begin to manifest from the 3-phase alternator, this usually indicates deteriorating conditions internally as degradation advances. 

You can first check if the parts are worn out and replace them. If the problem is still unresolved, it is likely that the electric alternator has reached its service life and requires investment in a new alternator.

Sign 2: Efficiency Decrease

When you find that the same amount of fuel is used, but the electricity generated significantly decreases, it indicates a decrease in the efficiency of the electric alternator. 

It may not seem to affect usage, but long-term inefficient operation can lead to a decrease in productivity and additional fuel costs. In the long run, it is a huge additional expenditure.

Sign 3: Overheating, Insulation Damage, or Burning Odor

Overloading or electrical faults can quickly destroy delicate insulation inside the electric alternator as excessive heat builds up. This raises the risk of dangerous short circuits occurring. 

If the machine emits a burning odor, this is an urgent concern. These signs indicate that the electric alternator may have serious electrical issues that require immediate inspection and replacement.

Sign 4: Obvious Damage to Surface or Internal Parts

Cracks and corrosion on the casing of electric alternators can directly expose sensitive internal components to the environment. This represents unsafe signals if they continue to be used. The exposed shell may cause electric shock accidents for workers. 

Heavy damage typically makes repair costs less worthwhile than a new generator replacement.

Sign 5: Power Generation Interruption

If the electric alternators cannot provide a continuous and stable power supply or frequently interrupt the power generation process, this may be a sign that their lifespan is coming to an end. 

A continuously unstable power supply not only affects the normal operation of equipment connected to the electric alternators but can also seriously damage the equipment, leading to related economic losses.


While repairs may seem like a cheaper option initially, incurring frequent downtime and additional repair costs in the long run outweigh purchasing a high-quality replacement.

Meanwhile, for 3-phase alternators with longer service lives, if manufacturers no longer support or provide parts, maintaining existing generators may become difficult.

In addition, with the advancement of technology, new generators may be more efficient, reliable, and have better environmental performance. 


Who Makes the Best Alternators?

The best custom alternator brand is one that delivers consistent power, has a strong track record of reliability, and prioritizes customer service. The leading industrial and marine generator manufacturer, EvoTec, satisfies these criteria and offers more.

At EvoTec, we offer reliable generators for all needs, whether it’s our TCU industrial alternator series ranging from 6.8 to 6,000 kW or our TCM marine generator series. Their key characteristics include the following:

Structure Design

Shorter dimension design for flexibility in transportation and installation. Our 3-phase alternator can withstand challenging environmental conditions faced on industrial sites and ships.

Alternator Efficiency

The best alternator efficiencies across all power ranges substantially reduce operating costs over their lifetime by minimizing fuel consumption.

Intelligent Control

Intelligent monitoring systems and automatic voltage regulators maintain steady power output within tight tolerances, upholding consistent production levels.

The 3-phase alternator’s intelligent sensors monitor all critical electrical parameters, safeguarding smooth functionality around the clock for reliability.

Safety Protection

Strong protection against dirt, moisture intrusion, and corrosion through specialized varnishes, enclosures, and seals. This ensures prolonged durability even under continual exposure to corrosive substances.

Convenient Function

Convenient features such as isolation muffling, low-noise emission compliance, and integrated control interfaces improve the user experience.

Environmental Adaptability

Engineered with vibration absorption, stability at sea, and automatic mains failure response in consideration to provide resilient backup power on land and offshore.



Regular maintenance cannot guarantee the continuous function of old and aging alternators exposed to intensive workloads. The visible signs of approaching failure discussed above provide useful guidance for timely replacement decisions. 

As a leader in electric alternator manufacturing, EvoTec is committed to delivering customers superior reliability through high-quality industrial and marine electric alternator lines. 

Our reliable generators and alternators consistently deliver industry-leading strength, dependability, and efficiency through our thoughtful engineering focus. Visit our website to discover our product catalog and contact us regarding any power generation needs.


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