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Why 3 Phase Alternators are More Recommended in Industrial Applications
Publish Time: 2023-11-27   Views: 342

Ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply is crucial for uninterrupted industrial production because unexpected shutdowns caused by power loss may damage property and hinder overall productivity. Thus, choosing the right type of alternator is an essential decision for industries to avoid emergencies that can impact productivity and efficiency. 

3 phase alternator is composed of three identical windings evenly distributed with a spatial difference of 120 degrees, generating three single-phase alternating currents. This design makes it a recommended option for industrial applications. Moreover, it is versatile and compatible with various industrial equipment and systems. Read on to learn about more about it!


Advantages of 3 Phase Alternators in Industrial Applications

3 phase alternator is an alternating current generator that produces balanced three-phase electric power. The reliable generator is widely used in industrial applications due to its suitability and performance benefits. Key advantages of 3 phase alternators in industrial applications include:


1. Versatility and Flexibility

3 phase alternator allows industries to leverage various heavy equipment on production lines and facilities, including common equipment used in manufacturing and processing. Meanwhile, high-performance alternators can easily power large machines such as injection moulding presses, CNC machines, welding machines, pumps, etc. This versatility and flexibility enable configuring different combinations of motors to customize automated processes and optimize operations as per current requirements.

2. More Cost-effective

3 phase alternators have greater efficiency levels than single-phase alternators of similar power ratings due to reduced losses, greatly saving electricity bills. Not to mention 3 phase components require less maintenance as their structure allows for good ventilation and heat dissipation. In this way, overall operating costs are significantly reduced.

3. Compatible with Various Power Systems

Three-phase alternators commonly employ Delta or Wye connection configurations, enhancing load balancing and adaptability to diverse power systems. Additionally, their compatibility with industrial motors designed to operate on a three-phase power supply ensures optimal performance, making three-phase alternators a preferred choice in industrial settings.

4. High Power Generation Efficiency

The advantages of 3 phase alternators in terms of power generation efficiency are particularly prominent. By reducing energy loss and generating stable electricity, 3 phase alternators can reduce energy waste and operating costs. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in industrial environments, as optimizing power output is crucial for operational efficiency.

5. Simple Structure and Low Price

The design of 3 phase alternators is simple and usually adopts a short structure design. Compared to complex electrical systems, this design helps to achieve competitive pricing and reduce purchase costs without sacrificing performance.


Suggestions for Ensuring Industrial Electricity Safety

Ensuring a safe and stable electricity supply is crucial for industries to avoid production downtime and minimize risks of accidents. Implementing appropriate safety measures plays an important role in maintaining reliable operations. Here are some key suggestions:


1. Configure Electrical Safety Measures

It is recommended that you configure electrical safety measures properly. This includes installing emergency power-off switches at strategic points, isolating different phase lines to stop cross-feeding of power, and utilizing protective relays for overload and fault detection. Moreover, use automated safety controls if possible.

2. Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance schedules of a 3 phase alternator should include checking alternator windings, slip rings, brushes, and bearings for any issues. Apart from this, it is also recommended to perform periodic insulation testing and cleaning of control panels to prevent dirt and dust accumulation that could lead to short circuits.

3. Choose Reputable 3 Phase Alternator Suppliers

Choosing a reputable 3 phase alternator supplier has many advantages. Experienced suppliers have ISO 9001 and other certifications to ensure they deliver high-quality, standardized products that meet all applicable industry and safety standards. Reputed suppliers also offer extensive after-sales service and technical support resources to minimize downtime risks.


EvoTec TCU468 Series Industrial Alternator

EvoTec is a globally renowned alternator manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. Headquartered in Hefei, China, our company owns a central factory covering an area of approximately 90,000 square meters with an annual output of 30,000 alternators. Our variety of custom alternators are known for their quality, reliability, and innovation to deliver maximum savings to customers worldwide.


The TCU468 Series Industrial Alternator is one of our top offerings for industrial production applications. This high-power self-excitation alternator supports high efficiency and other unique features, including:

l Shorter dimension design with optimized ventilation to keep components cool for higher reliability and longer life.

l Marine-grade coating to protect against environmental damage from moisture, salt air, and chemicals.

l 40 design patents reinforce the alternator’s performance, efficiency, and durability.

l Wide 1650-2700kVA power range to satisfy various industry power requirements.

l 400/480V output voltage range allows compatibility with common industrial distribution systems.

l Universal 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency types.

l Class H winding insulation that withstands heat and prevents short circuits.

l Advanced digital voltage regulator maintains output within tight tolerances.



Overall, a 3 phase alternator offers many advantages for industrial use by powering various large equipment, machinery, and systems more efficiently. By prioritizing proper maintenance, following electrical safety practices, and focusing on quality equipment, people can ensure system operation safety and minimize production disruptions. 

At EvoTec, we deliver innovative alternator solutions that meet industrial power needs. Contact us today for assistance in choosing the best power generator for your industrial application.


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