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1000KW 6300V generator solution for the mining industry.
Publish Time: 2023-07-01   Views: 382
Exciting Project Update: 1000KW 6300V generator solution for the mining industry.

In mining, high-power alternators are vital. EvoTec generator complies with two international standards GB/T 755-2019 and IEC 60034-1:2017, among which the telephone interference factor TIF≤50D, the harmonic telephone factor THF≤2%, and the waveform distortion rate THD≤3%.
With higher power generation efficiency, lower temperature rise, better dynamic performance, lower waveform distortion, stable AVR parallel operation, and seamless compatibility with diverse power systems, etc.
Witness the transformative results generators bring to mining sites! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates=>

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