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In 2022, strive for progress while maintaining stability,keep the integrity and innovate, and achieve new success!
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Since its establishment in 2011,EvoTec Power has been adhering to independent research and development and technological innovation.It has independent intellectual property rights and independent brands.Its products have obtained 53 national authorized patents (11 invention patents).In 2015, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.In 2017, it was rated as a famous trademark in Anhui Province.In 2018, it was rated as a famous brand product in Anhui Province.As a governing unit of the National Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association,it participated in the formulation of national standards and became the drafting unit of the national standard GB/T12786 "General Technical Conditions for Automated Internal Combustion Engine Power Stations".In 2020,it was rated as Anhui Industrial Design Center and Anhui Industrial Boutique.A technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise,in 2022, it was rated as a national specialized,special and new "little giant", and an export brand enterprise in Anhui Province.

1.Won the title of "Little Giant" at the national level

In November 2018,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document clarifying that the "little giant" enterprise of specialization,specialization and innovation is the leader among "specialization, specialization and innovation" of small and medium-sized enterprises.A vanguard enterprise that masters key core technologies and has excellent quality and efficiency."In August 2022,EvoTec Power was successfully selected into the fourth batch of specialized and special new "little giants".As of August 2022,there were a total of 4,357 specialized and special new "little giants" across the country.


2. 5 sets of 2500KW high-voltage generators at an altitude of 5000 meters passed the acceptance test

The project uses 5 sets of EvoTec uniquely designed 5000m high altitude 11KV high-altitude high-voltage generators.This product adopts the international advanced high-voltage high-efficiency adaptive electromagnetic optimization design technology to achieve the performance indicators of the generators to reach the international advanced level.5 sets of 2500KW high-altitude high-voltage generators were paralleled to generate electricity without failure for one year,and passed the acceptance smoothly.


3.The 5# plant was completed and put into production smoothly

In May 2022,the company's new 5# factory building (machining workshop) was successfully put into operation,with a construction area of more than 13,000 square meters.A batch of advanced processing equipment including laser cutting equipment, 3.4-meter vertical lathe,high-speed punching machine,and welding robot was added to realize.All products are independently processed and self-supported,the overall production capacity has been increased by 3 times,the delivery cycle has been greatly shortened,and a strong manufacturing capacity reserve has been provided for customers to better cooperate with the rapid development of customers.


4.Won the title of "Anhui Export Brand Enterprise"

In February 2022,according to the requirements of the "Notice of the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce on Printing and Distributing the Measures for the Selection of Anhui Export Brands (Trial)" (Anhui Commercial Office Trade Letter [2021] No. 34), according to the requirements of voluntary declaration,preliminary review by each city,third-party review,The expert review meeting deliberated and other procedures, and planned to identify 94 brands of 84 companies including "MIDEA" of Hefei Midea Washing Machine Co., Ltd. as "Anhui Export Brands".The evaluation basis this time is mainly based on the comprehensive evaluation of the company's export business performance,product core technical capabilities,export commodity quality,brand international competitiveness and brand influence.


5.The number of orders for EvoTec TH4-pole/6-pole high-voltage generators hit a new high, and they were exported to Europe in batches.

EvoTec TH series high-voltage generator products have a number of national patent authorizations,independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.The product has the advantages of high efficiency,good dynamic performance and strong impact resistance.The unique design of improving the power factor and leading the operation curve greatly improves the load capacity with non-linearity,and the main technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.It can be widely used in high-quality power consumption places such as data centers, mines and oil fields, and gas-fired power generation.

 20 sets of 1000kw high voltage generators exported to Europe in batches

 7 sets of 1800kw high voltage generators with Cummins engines exported to Europe


6.EvoTec's 153 generators provide power guarantee for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

In November 2022,153 EvoTec generators (400-800KW) equipped with Yuchai engines will be unveiled in Qatar, providing power guarantee for the 3 fan camps of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,cheering for the World Cup!


7.EvoTec TH528G high-efficiency high-voltage generator was certified as the first set of major technical equipment in Anhui Province

In order to encourage and support the development and application of the first set of major technical equipment,accelerate the transformation and upgrading of our province's equipment manufacturing industry,and promote the construction of a strong manufacturing province,according to the "Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology issued on the first set of major technical equipment in Anhui Province.The first batch of new materials and the first version of the software evaluation management interim measures > Notice",after the company's declaration, the city's economic and information management department review and recommendation,the third-party evaluation organization organizes expert evaluation, publicity and other procedures,the EvoTec TH528G high-voltage high-efficiency power generation is evaluated.The 116 sets of equipment such as machines will be the first set of major technical equipment in the second batch of Anhui Province in 2022.


8. 3 new invention patent authorizations in 2022.

EvoTec Power insists on independent research and development and technological innovation,and all products have independent intellectual property rights.As of December 2022,it has obtained 53 national authorized patents (11 invention patents).


9.EvoTec TCM marine generator won the new product certification of Anhui Province

According to the "Interim Measures for the Identification of New Products in Anhui Province" (Wanjingxin Science and Technology Letter No. 120171880),the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province organized the first batch of new product identification work in Anhui Province in 2022.After evaluation by experts,113 products including Anhui EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd. "TCM428D Marine Generator" were identified as new products in Anhui Province in 2022.

10. Obtained the certification of innovative products for information consumption in Anhui Province for the first time

According to the "Notice on Organizing and Applying for the Tenth Batch of Information Consumption Innovation Products and the Eighth Batch of Information Consumption Experience Centers in Anhui Province", after the procedures of reporting, recommendation and expert review by the economic and information bureaus of various cities, the "big science based on metaverse scene application" is determined.110 products such as the "Somatosensory Interactive System" are among the tenth batch of innovative information consumption products in Anhui Province.

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