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Marine Alternators: What You Need To Know
Publish Time: 2022-07-26   Views: 396

A marine alternator is an electrical and mechanical device used to convert the rotation of a ship's engine into electrical power. The article contains a lot of information about marine alternators, including how they work and what types you can use.


What is a marine alternator?


A marine alternator is a type of alternator designed to work with high power loads and temperatures. They are often used in boats and other marine applications, such as fishing vessels and yachts. Marine alternators are often more robust and powerful than regular Alternators, which is why they are often used in these high-powered applications.


Types of Marine Alternators


Standard Alternators: These are the most common type of marine alternator, and they're typically found in smaller boats. They have a flat belt drive, which makes them easy to repair.


Hybrid Alternators: These alternators combine the features of a standard and heavy-duty alternator. They have a belt drive like a standard alternator, but they also have an electric motor that helps boost power output.


Heavy-Duty Alternators: These Alternators are designed for larger boats and trucks. They have more powerful engines, so they're usually good for boats that need more power than a standard or hybrid alternator can provide more power.


Where to purchase your marine alternator


EvoTec Power Generation Co., Ltd (EvoTec) is a reputable alternator manufacturer and large global export supplier. We focus on Research and Development of Industrial and Marine Alternators. Providing three-phase A.C. Synchronous with both single and double bearing configuration, having a wide range of power output from 6.8kW to 6000kW, and a higher voltage range from 110V to 13,800V, protection-grade from IP21-IP57 and two frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz.




The marine alternator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to run your boat or ship. If you want to provide more power to your ship, contact EvoTec Power today!

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