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How Marine Alternators Power Ships
Publish Time: 2022-07-26   Views: 534

Marine alternators provide power to maritime and industrial vessels. They use the natural movement of water to generate electricity and this design also allows them to run quietly. This article provides a detailed look at marine alternators, their parts, and how they work to help you choose the best model for your needs.


What is a Marine Alternator?


Alternators are used on ships to provide power. Unlike a regular alternator, a marine alternator is specifically designed to operate in salt water. The main difference between a marine and regular alternator is the voltage and current output. A regular alternator outputs a 120 volt AC signal while a marine alternator outputs a 400 volt DC signal. This higher voltage allows the alternator to operate at higher speeds and produce more power.


How Does the Marine Alternators Work


Alternators are one of the most common and important pieces of equipment on a ship. They take energy from a power source and turn it into electrical current that can be used to run the ship's systems. Marine alternators are specifically designed to power ships, and they work very differently than regular alternators.


Marine alternators use a rotating magnetic field to create electricity. This field is created by a set of rotating blades inside the alternator, and it generates a lot of power. It's this power that helps power the ship's systems.


Benefits of Marine Alternators


1. With a generator, the marine alternators can produce consistent and reliable power.

2. Marine alternators are easy to operate.

3. Marine alternators are virtually maintenance-free.




EvoTec Power marine alternators are an environmentally-friendly power source that is used to power ships and other maritime vessels. They have several advantages over traditional sources of power, such as being able to operate in extreme weather conditions, being resistant to corrosion, and producing little emissions. 

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