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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a 3 Phase Alternator
Publish Time: 2022-04-14   Views: 979

The ever-changing society has witnessed that upgrading technology has brought numerous benefits to users. For instance, 3 phase alternators, which are eco-friendly at affordable prices, are favored by tremendous industries. While considering such countless benefits of a 3 phase alternator, there has been a vast increase in the number of people who want to own this business.


The Middle East Energy Exhibition, held in Dubai (March 5, 2022), is the largest international global power and energy industry exhibition. It aims at providing an unrivaled platform for both public and private sectors to explore critical issues, key developments, investment opportunities, and rising trends shaping the new energy ecosystem. The exhibition showcased to global customers the latest addition to the range of 3 phase alternators.


The exhibition revealed that power outages are no strangers to these facilities. Therefore, critical power, cooling solutions, and other systems are essential to enhance the life of the equipment and ensure steady performance. In addition, various 3 phase alternators were listed as their commitment to cutting down the power outages. These alternators were said to be a perfect fit for the current market requirements of AC alternators


Thus, this article will guide you to know factors you should consider before buying 3 phase alternators. Keep on reading to get something more. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a 3 Phase Alternator

Here are the top 4 things that you should consider when selecting a 3 phase alternator: 


1. Power Output

When choosing a 3 phase alternator, the first thing you should look out for is the power output. On most occasions, a 3 phase alternator designed in AC synchronous has a power output from 6.8kW to 6,000kW with a single and double bearing configuration is the best choice for you. It not only brings benefits to small worksites but also is suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications. Thus, pay attention to the power output that the alternator provides. 


2. Voltage Range

The next thing you should be concerned about is the voltage range of the 3 phase alternator. If you want to use 3 phase alternators for an industrial scale, a 3 phase alternator of 110V to 13,800V might be considered a more appropriate fit. But please remember that a uniform or steady voltage flow must be maintained through a quality AC alternator regulator. Furthermore, each phase must be tested individually to ensure they give away the same voltage reading to avoid any overloading possibilities. 

1. Frequency

The next thing to think about when choosing a 3 phase alternator is the frequency, which refers to the direct function of the rotation speed of armature as well as the number of poles in the circuit of the field. The commonly used frequencies are 50Hz and 60 Hz, and you should choose a suitable 3 phase alternator to keep your constant frequency for the power output.  


2. Protective Designs 

Last but not least, don't forget to make sure your 3 phase alternator has all the protective designs it needs to regulate efficiently. For example, let's consider the IP certification, which stands for Ingress Protection. It would help if you chose an alternator whose products have IP protection, such as IP21-IP57. Not only that, the 3 phase alternator should have stable performance and is suitable to use in harsh environments, which can resist moisture, mildew, corrosion, etc. 


Who Manufactures the Best Quality 3 Phase Alternators?

After a brief discussion about the top things to consider when choosing a 3 phase alternator, it's time to find out who stays the best alternator manufacturer.


Undoubtedly, our strong recommendation goes to the high-quality AC alternators produced by the skilled alternator, which remains EvoTec. We at EvoTec provide different types of AC alternators, such as industrial, marine, and high-voltage, catering to both single and double bearing configurations. 

EvoTec 3 Phase Alternators VS Traditional Ones: What are Differences?

1. Lighter and Wieldier

Weight has been an indicator of the technical level of the generators. Our 3 phase alternators, with advanced technology compared to other international brands, are applicable to various situations. In addition, other home generators attach our products to earlier techniques, which means they must be heavy enough to carry all the functions. 


2. Higher efficiency

Advanced technologies and materials add efficiency to the alternators. For example, our 3 phase alternators come standard with PMG, which are capable enough to load generators, chargers, converters, etc. Besides, the advanced permeability material provides a higher permeability rate while causing lighter loss to the iron core, improving efficiency. 


3. Longer service life

Our generators use quality insulating material, H class insulating material, which is certified by UL Internation to extend alternators’ lifespan. Insulation structure for rear-end cover reduces the damage from shaft current and improves the bearing life. A shock absorber retaining ring between the two bearings on the front end of the alternators improves the capacity of the bearing. 


Apart from the mentioned materials, less glue mica tape is adopted to the stator of the high-voltage generator to protect the stator and coins from discharges of electricity and vibration. All of which assure safe and stable operation and a longer lifespan of the alternators.


To sum up, considering the actively developed technology and the top-quality materials in the alternators, our 3 phase alternator is of fantastic value.


About EvoTec

Since 2011, we have had a prestigious reputation in the industrial and marine sector as an incredible alternator manufacturer across the globe. With the most advanced testing facilities at hand, we provide 3 phase alternators with a wide variety of options to pick from, such as the power outputs, ranging from 66.8kW to 6,000kW.


Proficiently, we are well-equipped to produce 30,000 AC alternators of different sizes every year. As an alternator manufacturer, the variety that we can offer is not only impressive but also high in demand. The variations in the choices include a higher voltage range (110V to 13,800V), an extensive protection-grade (IP21 to IP57) enclosure, and a lot more. 


If you want to know more about EvoTec and our reliable products, feel free to reach out to us. 


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