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[The flood is ruthless, there is love in the world] EvoTec Power is in action!
Publish Time: 2020-07-30   Views: 723

In the past month or so, various parts of Anhui have been hit by heavy rains, with heavy rainfall, long periods of time and a wide range of impacts. Among them, Lujiang County has been particularly affected, and large areas of farmland and villages have been flooded.

The flood is ruthless, there is love in the world! After the disaster, the company’s management arranged for emergency procurement of 200 sets of life jackets, 200 sets of raincoats, 100 pairs of rain boots, a large amount of bread, instant noodles and other flood prevention and relief supplies, which were sent to the Lujiang County Welfare Center for disaster relief supplies as soon as possible.

One side is in trouble,all directions support.Facing the flood situation, EvoTec Power adheres to the belief in giving back to the society with love, supporting the front-line flood prevention and flood fighting work with practical actions, showing the social responsibility that an enterprise should have in the wind and rain, and helping the victims of Lujiang to overcome the difficulties with love and rebuild the home as soon as possible !

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