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EvoTec Power @ 2018 Middle East Electricity Dubai
Publish Time: 2018-03-31   Views: 619

On behalf of EvoTec Power management, we render our sincere thanks to all our Valued Customers and Friends for visiting us and taken the time to discuss in length on our range of products and future cooperation together.

Delegations and Representatives from Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Serbia 

and Venezuela met in Dubai MEE.


We discussed the challenges ahead due to the raw material price appreciation and the effect of the US Dollar 

depreciation that have great impact on our pricing and market position. We concluded with the aim to work 

together and share information to achieve greater unity among countries.


Counterfeit alternators posed a serious problem to the generator set industry. We strongly believe in creating 

an original product that generate and transform a premium to whichever G-Drive engine coupled to, rather 

than creating a weakness or counterfeit to the generator set product as a whole.



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