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Strategic Agreement With Basler Electric

Time:2015-09-08 Click:1479

On April 8, 2015, EvoTec Power Generation and Basler Electric (Suzhou) Co. Lted. Signed a strategic 

agreement for an annual supply of Basler AVC63-4D and AVC63-7F Automatic Voltage Regulators for 

EvoTec generators. 

Minzhu Cao, General Manager of Basler Electric (Su-zhou) and Mr. Wang Yuanfeng, the Generatl 

Manager/ founder of EvoTec Power Generation, met at an industry conference. After marketing anlaysing

learned that the founders of Basler Electric have good experience in manufacturing Electric products, 

which EvoTec Power not familiar with. The voltage regulator is a key component that contributes to the 

performance of a generator.  EvoTec Power the leading Generators brand in China. In pursuit of high 

standards suppliers, EvoTec Power want to work with high quality partner to improve the product’s reputation.