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EvoTec SHOW IN THE 124th Canton Fair 2018

Time:2018-10-22 Click:395

EvoTec Power has participated in the 124th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), located at Hall 3.1 at Booth No. 06.

During this exhibition, EvoTec Power has introduced its newly launched New series 6 poles 1000RPM special 

alternators. Customers from Europe, Middle East and America attracted by overall design and superb outlook

 product finishing; and feedback are overwhelming and supportive.

       We have talked to our factory technical department about clients’ request and asked them to try to

       come up with some alternative that would be more rewarding to all concerned.



In the meantime, we would very much like to our lines of communication open and running. We will welcome any 

subsequent offers or ideas you might have. Your information is very much appreciated and will be kept on file for

 future reference.





          We look forward to hearing from you again and and wish you success and happiness!